Please be as specific as you can. Your request will be handled as soon as possible.
Please use a separate vechicle request for each trip.
Vehicle request must be submitted at least 1 week before departure date. Departure date must be on or after 03/30/2019.

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Entering dates:
  To avoid errors, always click on the
  calendar icon next to the text box.
  A calendar window will open.
  1) Select the calendar month and
      year (top of window).
  2) Select the day in the calendar. The
      date will appear below the time.
  3) Select the hour, min. and AM/PM
  4) When finished, click on the OK
      button. Your date will be inserted
      into your text box.
Educational Goal of Field Trip:
  To avoid spelling errors, always click on
  the spell checker next to the text box.
  A window will open, displaying your text.
  1) If the spell checker finds an error,
      it will display the incorrect word in
      a drop-down box followed by a "?" mark.
  2) Click on the "?" mark next to the word
      to open a "Pick a Word" window. The
      incorrect word will be displayed in
      a drop-down box.
  3) Select the correct spelling and click
      on the Apply Changes button
  4) To leave the word as is, click on
      the Cancel button
  5) When done correcting all spelling
      errors, click on the Done button.
      Your corrected text will be placed
      into your text box.